Protection from traffic fines!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question №1 - What does Nanofilm for vehicle plate imply?

Answer №1 - When ordering one Nanofilm, you get one Nanofilm sticker - letter or number. Please indicate the symbols you want to receive when filling in the online application form.

Question №2 - What would happen if Nanofilm sticker was scratched?

Answer №2 - It is quite difficult to damage a Nanofilm sticker, as it firmly adheres and is permanently attached to a vehicle plate. Even if there are any scratches, they are too small to make the symbol recognizable to traffic cameras.

Question №3 - What will happen to Nanofilm after washing?

Answer №3 - Both contact and contactless car wash is safe for Nanofilm, since it is impossible to strip it off the plate. Therefore, be extremely accurate and careful when sticking it.

Question №4 - Is it necessary to cover a rear vehicle plate with Nanofilm stickers?

Answer №4 -Traffic cameras installed at many city entrances and exits take pictures of rear vehicle plates, that is why it is necessary to mask several symbols of a rear plate.

Question №5 - How is Nanofilm installed?

Answer №5 - A Nanofilm symbol is placed on the matching symbol of the previously cleaned vehicle plate. Don’t hurry! A sticker should be placed very carefully, since it is impossible to change the position of a film that has been already adhered. It is attached to a surface of a vehicle plate permanently. Installation of Nanofilm will not typically cause any problem, if you act without haste.

Question №6 - Is it better to cover all symbols or only 1-2?

Answer №6 - The more symbols are covered with Nanofilm, the less likely your license plate is recognized on video by Traffic Police. We recommend covering at least three-four symbols of both front and rear plates.

Question №7 - How long will Nanofilm serve?

Answer №7 - Our film is designed for long years of service, since it is made of a durable material resistant to any weather conditions, temperature changes and mechanical action. Warranty period is 5 years.

Question №8 - What is the difference between infrared (IR) flash and a camera flash?

Answer №8 - Infrared light is a narrow beam invisible to the human eye which distinguishes it from a bright flash of a camera. Speed cameras operate in IR spectrum, in which plates covered with Nanofilm are unrecognizable.

Question №9 - What does a camera see when a vehicle with Nanofilmed plates passes by?

Answer №9 - A camera sees only bright light in the area where the symbols of the license plate are covered with Nanofilm, blending in with a white background. A digital system does not therefore recognize a vehicle plate and does not register it in a database of traffic violations. So there is nobody to be imposed a fine!

Question №10 - Why should I buy Nanofilm from you?

Answer №10 - Our Nanofilm is produced in Germany and is therefore reliable and effective. You can find a lot of proposals of a film for a suspiciously low price in the market, but such film will not protect you from the traffic camera eye.




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