Protection from traffic fines!

How much you have to pay for traffic fines recorded by speed cameras in Europe?

The general rules of the road in Europe were established by the Vienna Convention back in 1968. According to them, every state has the right to set own speed restrictions. In some cases, they coincide. In order to avoid traffic fines in Europe, it is necessary to learn rules in advance when planning a trip abroad with own car or truck. On European roads, speed cameras are used everywhere, which does not allow violators to avoid their punishment.

traffic fines in europe

What are the speed limits?

In all European cities, you can drive at a speed of no more than 50 km/h.

This rule must be followed not to "bump" into the road fines of incredible size. The exception is only for sparsely populated areas: detour roads, large streets located on the outskirts. Here driving is allowed up to 70-80 km/h. If there are no signs indicating an allowed speed, the general regime must be followed. That is, having seen the “end of restrictions”, one must not gather speed but slow down to 50 km/h.

For example, in some countries like Poland at night you can drive around the village at up to 60 km/h. Penalties are issued to violators who have exceeded the permissible regime by only 1-3 km.

How much you have to pay for speed camera fines in Europe

A feature of European traffic fines is their progressive scale. In Germany or Austria, you will have to pay from 10-20 euros, in England - over 2500 pounds. By the way, the EU provides significant monetary “penalties” for other violations: not fastened belts, talking on a cell phone, driving while alcoholic intoxicated. The amount which the driver will have to give up can reach up to 500 euros. In this country, they are extremely negative concerning violations of this kind. If in Russia a fastened person can not only surprise but also offend a driver, then in the EU they are very liable and careful concerning their lives. Everybody fastens here, especially when it comes to children. An unfastened child without a safety seat is nonsense here.

Traffic cameras make possible to record all cases of speeding, talking on the phone, absence of seat belts.

Drivers are warned by banners located in front of video surveillance points. Cameras are capable to detect even the way a driver or a passenger puts his or her hand behind a belt to ease the load. For such a maneuver, a fine up to 300 euros can be also imposed.

Commercial carriers must use tachographs to record speed. For evidence falsification on these devices road fines of up to 15,000 euros are envisaged. In France, for such manipulations, a driver carries a risk to go to jail for six months.

The traffic cameras' location in Europe is not hidden. Some countries are actively using drones. In Spain, their number reaches more than three hundred units. They help to track those violators who slow down only in front of stationary cameras.




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