Protection from traffic fines!

Traffic fines in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

There is a lot of common between traffic rules and punishments for their violation in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Tourists, like locals, need to carefully keep the laws to avoid fines, imprisonment, issues with canceling or renewing a resident visa.

Features of the local roads

traffic fines in dubai 

Due to the peculiarities of local roads, traffic fines in Dubai are issued very often.

The traffic here is controlled by automatic systems. In the UAE, there are a huge number of radars. They are commonly found every two kilometers on major highways. There are posts between radars and on country roads.

It’s easy to follow the rules in big cities thanks to well-organized road traffic. There are multi-level interchanges that allow to arrange traffic and reduce congestion. The roads themselves are in perfect condition, equipped with signs and traffic lights, have clear markings. Notification plates are installed a kilometer in advance and equipped with solar panels, shine brightly in the dark.

In the UAE, there are not only wide highways but also rather narrow road sections. So, the road to Saudi Arabia runs through the desert, and, therefore, is covered with a layer of sand. Notably, even in such places, asphalt is of excellent quality. There are some toll roads here, indicated by special arches.

Driver's license

You can drive a car in the UAE with an international driver’s license valid for no more than 30 days. In the future, you will need to get local rights. Those who violate this rule may face not only penalties. For driving without a license, one may face a fine of 1-6 thousand dirhams or arrest for up to six months.

It is not possible to receive insurance payments in the event of an accident without a driver’s license. You will have to cover own expenses and ones for another car. In court, a registration ticket and a car can be taken and sent to a fine site of the traffic police.

The most common violations and fines

The most serious violation in the UAE is drunk driving. Drinking here is considered even regarding pedestrians. Violators are severely punished not only with high fines (from 500 to 800 dollars), imprisonment (for 2-3 months) but also with confiscation of the vehicle for 60 days and deportation (for foreigners).

Also, running a red light in Dubai is also punished severely, involving various preventive measures. They include black marks, confiscation of a car, fines. The size of the latter depends on the type of vehicle, the number of violations. The first time you have to pay about 200-250 dollars, the second - twice as much. For speeding, you can go to jail for 3-6 days, be fined. The amount of penalties is determined by how much the speed is suspended concerning the permissible. The size of the fine varies on average from $ 100 to $ 800. Repeated violations entitle confiscation of a car.

Fines are imposed for overtaking on roadsides and prohibited areas, attempts to avoid from the police, driving on one-way roads in the opposite direction, parking in the wrong places, refusing to pay for paid parking, talking on a cell phone, driving children in the front seat or without a special chair. Drivers lose their money and freedom due to a dangerous ride. Also, the court may adjudge to beat a violator with sticks. Huge fines are imposed for causing damage to human health and life, determined by the court depending on the severity of the condition of the victim and the circumstances of the accident.




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