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1. What is the NanoFilm® for vehicle license plates?

This German technology is a completely new and unique way to keep surface of the vehicle registration plates out of undesirable photo and video fixation. NanoFilm® technology includes stickers represented as ordinary numerical or letter symbols which are pasted onto the symbols of the vehicle license plate and make it invisible to traffic speed camera's photo fixation.

Simple camera
Fixation with FLASH
Infrared camera
Fixation by IR camera

2. How and when is NanoFilm® activated?

Flash of camera light or IR ray are reflected from the surface covered with NanoFilm® and the number or letter of the license plate can not be therefore identified. The numbers or letters on the pictures are displayed in white.

Is it legal to use? Answer - Absolutely legal. All symbols of the license plate, which covered by NanoFilm®, will be clearly recognizable from from any distance - therefore, it does not violate the law.

In the daytime or at night the symbols, covered NanoFilm®, are NOT seemed suspicious to human’s eye, and they are clearly recognizable under any angle.

The film responds to the all road speed or red light cameras, because all of them are operating in the infrared spectrum or using flash for photographing vehicle license plate.

You can also order a blank and make the anti camera ticket sticker by yourself!

Cameras used by traffic police operate both in normal and infrared mode, depending on the time of day and weather conditions. They operate in normal mode during daylight hours under favourable weather conditions and switch to the infrared mode if there is snow, rain or fog.

NanoFilm® protects at any time and in any weather, because all road traffic cameras use flash or IR ray for photofixation when speed is higher than permissible or other traffic violation!

It is recommended to place stickers at least on 3-4 symbols on each vehicle plate to avoid camera tickets. Because if a traffic camera can not recognize a number, a picture is to be subject to manual processing and the vehicle can therefore be identified by model or remaining symbols.

You can order NanoFilm® stickers by taking photo of your license plate and filling in an online application form. Stickers will be delivered within few days. Enjoy!

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